Florida Eviction Attorney

$495 Flat-Fee Eviction, Plus Costs

David M. Carrera offers full-service representation to Florida landlords. For the small fee of $495, plus court costs, he personally handles your uncontested residential eviction from start to finish. Time is money when it comes to evictions - which is why David is dedicated to evicting problem tenants and restoring profitability to your property.

When filing an eviction, it is important to have experienced legal counsel on your side. Each step of the eviction process has strict procedural requirements. A simple mistake can easily transform a basic eviction into a complex, legal nightmare. If your case is dismissed, the tenant can remain rent free in the property, in addition to recovering legal fees from you. Often the best way to avoid problems is to hire a lawyer from the outset of the eviction.

David is proud to be the attorney of choice for landlords, investors, and property managers throughout Florida. His practice is founded on a philosophy of client service. Why is this important to you? While other law firms sacrifice customer service to lower fees, David strives to keep personalized representation affordable. You will always be informed about the status of your eviction and the steps taken to swiftly conclude your case.

Are you ready to begin your eviction? David welcomes the opportunity to speak with you regarding your legal needs. Contact him for a free phone consultation to go over your tenant situation and understand your options.

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