Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act

Chapter 83, Part II, Florida Statutes

83.40 Short title.
83.41 Application.
83.42 Exclusions from application of part.
83.43 Definitions.
83.44 Obligation of good faith.
83.45 Unconscionable rental agreement or provision.
83.46 Rent; duration of tenancies.
83.47 Prohibited provisions in rental agreements.
83.48 Attorney fees.
83.49 Deposit money or advance rent; duty of landlord and tenant.
83.50 Disclosure of landlord’s address.
83.51 Landlord’s obligation to maintain premises.
83.52 Tenant’s obligation to maintain dwelling unit.
83.53 Landlord’s access to dwelling unit.
83.535  Flotation bedding system; restrictions on use.
83.54 Enforcement of rights and duties; civil action; criminal offenses.
83.55 Right of action for damages.
83.56 Termination of rental agreement.
83.561  Termination of rental agreement upon foreclosure.
83.57 Termination of tenancy without specific term.
83.575  Termination of tenancy with specific duration.
83.58 Remedies; tenant holding over.
83.59 Right of action for possession.
83.595  Choice of remedies upon breach or early termination by tenant.
83.60 Defenses to action for rent or possession; procedure.
83.61 Disbursement of funds in registry of court; prompt final hearing.
83.62 Restoration of possession to landlord.
83.625  Power to award possession and enter money judgment.
83.63 Casualty damage.
83.64 Retaliatory conduct.
83.67 Prohibited practices.
83.681  Orders to enjoin violations of this part.
83.682  Termination of rental agreement by a servicemember.
83.683  Rental application by a servicemember.

PDF. – Fla. Stat. Ch. 83 Pt. II.