Foreclosure Defense

Assert and Protect Your Rights Against Foreclosure

In this tough economy, many Florida homeowners are facing foreclosure. The threat of losing one's home can undoubtedly cause stress and desperation. If you are behind on your mortgage payments, or were recently served foreclosure papers, you should immediately consult with an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer.

Attorney David Carrera helps homeowners find foreclosure solutions. His firm believes in a simple and effective philosophy: fight foreclosure to explore other means of resolution. By employing creative and aggressive defense strategies, David can help you stop or avoid foreclosure.

David Carrera's extensive knowledge of the foreclosure process makes him well-suited to advise and assist clients with:

» Foreclosure Litigation
» Loan Modification
» Short Sale
» Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure
» Mortgage Debt Forgiveness
» Bankruptcy

Affordable representation is the bedrock of this firm's legal practice. David is responsive to each client's unique circumstances, and offers a wide range of reasonable plans and options. The goal is to work with you to provide effective defense services that meet your financial objectives. When you hire this firm, you're hiring skilled legal counsel with your best interests in mind.

To learn how David can assert and protect your rights against foreclosure, please call for a free phone consultation.

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